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Many Styles, Triple Threat's first full-length release, is named after the legendary nightclub where Shortkut, Vinroc and Apollo first met. On a deeper level, Many Styles describes the vision and versatility of Triple Threat - not content with being pigeonholed as turntablists, club DJs, selectors, or producers, Triple Threat is about embracing "many styles" and making great music. Hip-hop, dance hall, instrumentals, and mind-bogglingly artful turntablism blend into a cohesive sound that comes from their collective experience and backgrounds as DJs, and - more importantly - as musicians.

Triple Threat's mission is simple: master all elements of the hip-hop DJ - from battling, party rocking, to scratching/beat juggling. In more ways than one, the Triple Threat DJs and their debut album are upping the ante for all DJs and album producers to come.

As a veteran San Francisco-based DJ crew, Triple Threat comes highly qualified, combining three world turntablist competition titles and many years of experience. Leaders of the Triple Threat movement, Apollo, Shortkut (both of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz), and Vinroc use remarkable technical skill and beat diggin' to create memorable routines. Triple Threat serves up a lethal dose of turntablist magic and good ol' party rockin', stirring up the dance floor and restoring the foundation of hip-hop.

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