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Universoul Box Set

Underground Hip Hop Music

This explosive box set was originally made on cassette tape.  It was inspired by the consciousness that swept throughout the underground hip hop community.  At this time, the lyrical content was creeping slowly back into real issues like knowledge, awareness, politics and revolution.  Definitely a drastic difference of the message in modern hip hop of today.

Transfered to Digital from Cassette Tape

Top Secret Recordings

Year:  1997


Side A:
1 Ghostface Killa | Soul Controller
2 Makaveli | Hail Mary
3 FM2O | The Sniper
4 Ghostface Killa (feat. Raekwon, RZA & U-God) | Assassination Day
5 GZA (feat. Ol Dirty Bastard) | Duel Of The Iron Mics
6 Mobb Deep (feat. Nas & Big Noyd) | Give It Up Fast
7 Redman | Case Closed
8 Camoflouge Large | Cocbacda 9
9 Rampage | Wild For The Night
10 Busta Rhymes & A Tribe Called Quest | Wild Hot
11 Poor Righteous Teachers (feat. The Fugees) | Allies
12 Bounty Killa (feat. Reakwon) | Warface
13 Ghostface Killa (feat. RZA) | Marvel
14 FM2O | Love See No Color But Eyes Do

Side B:
1 Ghostface Killa (feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna) | Iron Maiden
2 Mobb Deep (feat. Raekwon) | Nightime Vultures
3 Jeru Da Damaga | One Day
4 Killa Army | Wake Up
5 FM2O | African Prisoner
6 Cypress Hill (feat. RZA) | Killa Hill
7 Makaveli | Bomb First
8 Ghostface Killa (feat. Raekwon & RZA) | After The Smoke Clears
9 Helter Skelter | Soldiers Gone Psycho
10 Mobb Deep (feat. Big Noyd) |
Man Down
11 GZA (feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killa) | Investigative Reports
12 Nine | We Play For Keeps
13 Killa Army | Camaflouge Ninjas

Side A


Side B



Coming Soon...

Full Length Version - Maximum Quality MP3 (320 kbps) Cover Art included

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